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Porcelain miniatures in filigree handwork since 1948
M.J. Hummel Porzellan
Porcelain souvenir in filigree handwork since 1948
M.J. Hummel Porzellan
Porcelain gifts in filigree handwork since 1948
M.J. Hummel Porzellan

Mniatures, porcelain gifts and porcelain children’s tableware Discover the unique porcelain of the M. W. Reutter Porzellanfabrik GmbH

Delicate, noble and unique – these are the attributes that describe the porcelain products of M. W. Reutter. We have been producing miniatures, tableware, souvenirs and much more for over 70 years. Let yourself be inspired by our exclusive assortment and find your new favourite piece of porcelain.

Murals in miniature form

Our miniatures are manufactured in detail-rich and affectionate manual work. Each piece is touched by hand up to 17 times during the manufacturing process and lovingly worked on step by step until it radiates the classic Reutter flair. During this process, each object is cast, glazed, painted and fired three times until it reaches its final shape.

Production from the master model to the finished end product
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Macro image of a wood product
Macro image of a wood product
Macro shot of a children's service.
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Miniatures, souvenirs, gift articles and much more made of porcelain

On our website, we would like to give you an insight into our work. There you can discover how the production of porcelain miniatures works, how detailed and unique our products are, and which items you can buy for yourself or as a gift. Our assortment is divided into the following categories:

From tea service to various porcelain shapes, we produce everything the porcelain lover’s heart desires. Each piece is something very special.

Specialists for porcelain miniatures the only ones in Germany and Europe

With decades of experience, we are real experts in the manufacture of porcelain articles. We have specialised in the production of miniatures. From tiny tableware to small furniture and interior decoration to entire miniature shop windows, you will find unique creations with us.

Nearly all tiny porcelain miniatures are hand painted with 24-carat gold. Through this skilled workmanship we have made friends all over the world.

Famous motifs and special designs on your new porcelain

Our porcelain is decorated with well-known licensed decors, such as the original drawings of Sister M.I. Hummel or the Beatrix Potter’s well-known Peter Rabbit motifs. Our high-quality souvenir articles – a variety of porcelain forms, prints, and decors, as well as customer productions with own picture or logo – complete our assortment.

Curious? Then get in touch with us today. We are happy to answer your questions. In addition, we regularly exhibit our unique creations at fairs. Take a look at the exhibition dates to see when we will be close to you.