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2015 till today Company history since 2015

With help of the young generation, the media coverage has changed.

Since 2012 the business has been supported by the owner´s daughter Michelle, a graphic designer and son Phillipp, an economist. The younger generation has changed the media presentation of the company.

Since 2014 Reutter Porzellan has been active on Facebook and has it´s own Onlineshop which is growing every day. Reutter Porzellan has ongoing product development across all the product lines of the company.

So there are constantly new products to discover. This is the “Life blood“ of the company. There are also a lot of new wallpictures and individual pieces in the 1:12 scale size miniatures being added to the collection.

No matter if we are creating a new Coffeeshop with matching table and chair, a little hamper with greeting card or a beachchair on a beautiful beachday setting, they are all designed “in house“.

Lovely Flower Fairy designs and the very well-known Hummel Collection are still highlights of the gift line as well as the classic designs of Beatrix Potters´ Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz which have been updated and modernised to fit the new shapes of our porcelain pieces.

With more than 400 different city designs printed in art quality for the high-end Souvenir sector, Reutter has strengthed their roll in this market share. No matter if you need something for a Birthday, Christmas, Christening or for your own collection, everyone will find something at Reutter Porzellan.

City decor
Decor by Beatrix Potter
City decor
Kids decor
Christmas present