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Porcelain doll accessories play tableware with colourful motifs

Properly serving tea to the dolls is only possible with the right tea set. We from the M. W. Reutter Porzellanfabrik produce doll accessories with various imprints and motifs. Small treasures, which provide endless joy.

Our porcelain tableware sets for children are also available with motifs of Peter Rabbit or drawings by M. I. Hummel. The assortment also includes sets of fairies and dolls. Find exactly the right thing for your little ones!


Tea service for children give away cups, plates, and pots in a pretty set

When you’re a child, you want to do things like the grownups. This also includes fine tea in the afternoon. With porcelain tableware from the M. W. Reutter Porzellanfabrik for two or four people, this can be done in no time at all. Following items belong to the set:

  • cups
  • saucers
  • plates
  • jug
  • milk jug
  • sugar bowl

Everything in a uniform look. This way nothing can go wrong during the tea ceremony with the little one’s favourite teddies, dolls or even with friends and siblings. Our porcelain tableware for children comes in small suitcases – of course always matching the tableware – so that the precious first doll’s tableware can always be stowed away safely.

From tea service for children to collector's items precious porcelain items

By the way: You will also find breakfast sets for your children in our offers. Discover our offers and visit our online shop. If you have any questions or need more information, simply contact us.

Give us a call or visit us at an exhibition and experience our craftsmanship in person: miniatures, gift articles, and custom-made products are also part of our extensive range of services.