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Enlarging the Factory

By 1979 a new industrial zone was established in Denkendorf and M. W. Reutter took the opportunity to unite the production again in a newly built facility. Since 1980 the complete production has been back in Denkendorf.

In the 80’s, the miniatures became increasingly popular and the company specialized more and more into this field. Many more details in the miniatures were requested so they became thinner, finer and smaller.

Despite the success in the miniature and gift market, it became more and more difficult to compete within the toy market with the children’s tea sets. The competition from the former GDR area was especially difficult to fight, as the prices from this socialistic area were not realistic and had political and monetary backing.

Also, the market was open in this field and not protected by the West German government. While there were eight manufacturers of children’s tea sets in the 60’s, there were only two left at the end of the 80’s. Since 2004, M. W. Reutter is the only manufacturer of this kind of items in Europe.

This was accomplished by constantly improving the quality, developing new shapes and designs, as well as fashionable updated packaging. Today, M. W. Reutter continues to offer an attractive line of children’s tea and eating sets.

miniature catalog
Miniature wardrobe in the eighties
The first built section of the new factory in Denkendorf in 1980
Service of 1985: design