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The First Items of the Porcelain Production

Ash trays and perfume atomizers were the first items that were produced in large quantities.

M.W. Reutter also offered the hobby market mosaic tables which were “in vogue” in that time. They were sold as an assembly set containing wooden tables, tesserae and samples so that the customers could design their own tables.

M. W. Reutter even sold painting craft kits containing white porcelain with patterns for both children and adults.

These two hobby items were incorporated into the complete line so that M. W. Reutter could stand out against the competition.

One year at the Toy Fair, the couple thought of expanding their line with additional products for children including tea sets. By the end of the fifties, children’s tea sets, gift items and toy miniatures in porcelain were produced for the first time.

Tea set catalogue in the sixties
Tea set catalogue in the sixties
Catalogue of mosaic table and paint craft kit in the sixties
Perfume atomizer with a souvenir motive on it in the fifties
Children tea set in the sixties
First miniatures catalogue in the fifties